Cambridge Materials Testing
Fade and color resistance testing

Full spectrum sunlight simulates years of sunlight in days and we can expose plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, and other materials to UV light to test how they will perform for years. Using simulators we can expose your samples to the spectrum of natural sunlight providing the closest spectral output of sunlight that can be simulated by an alternate light source. This level of fade and color resistance testing will show how a material will react to long term sunlight exposure.

CMTL performs fade and color resistance testing on many different materials for color fastness and degradation to long term UV exposure. As an example, many textiles will fade rapidly under sunlight and performing fade and color resistant testing will help to determine a solution for potential future materials selection issues. CMTL also tests plastics, vinyls, polyethylene and other synthetic type materials for degradation and color fastness.

Our fade and color resistance testing equipment follows ASTM and other worldwide standards. By having your plastics put through an environmental weathering test and you can see the level of degradation of many years of sunlight in only a few days.