With hundreds of commercial, property, and industrial related investigations carried out over the last 25 years CMTL continues to assist companies and insurers with failure analysis investigations for root cause. These failure analysis investigations rely on our expertise in mechanical engineering, fire cause and origin, civil infrastructure, electrical systems, material properties and metallurgy. The fundamental causes of an situ failure may include design deficiencies, improper manufacturing, material imperfections, errors in assembly or repair, inadequate inspection or quality control, inadequate maintenance, improper service conditions or unforeseen changes in service. Only when all the issues are assessed is it possible to conclude why a component failed and if the failure may have been preventable. Failure analyses or failure investigations can be conducted for a single client or as a joint study for several parties with CMTL providing an independent engineering assessment.

Failure analysis and Material testing services

Examples of the types of failures investigated include:
Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Mining Equipment
Crane Hooks and Rigging
Structural components
Piping, plumbing, hydraulic systems
Domestic and Commercial appliances

Analysis will include:
Investigation and technical evaluation of material failure causes
Inspection of circumstances
Clear concise reporting
Failure mode determination