Canada is a global leader in Nuclear Power Generation Technology. The demand for power, future and present has driven the expansion of the CANDU fleet as a clean consistent alternative to fossil fuels and non renewable sources. Canadian manufacturing operations supporting the nuclear industry, with new builds / re-builds are consistently finding new global markets for their goods and services.

CMTL provides a full range of testing services to the nuclear industry, everything from raw materials to finished components. Our accredited facilities are audited and approved in accordance with ASME Section III, Subsection NCA 3800 by the industry's most prominent suppliers. Routine testing includes data collection for CMTR generation using mechanical, chemical and metallurgical techniques.CMTL also provides testing and technical support for weld procedure development on all materials.

Our industry partners are responsible for the refurbishment and life extension projects for:
Hydro Quebec-Gentilly-2 Refurbishment
Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, Bruce Power
Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, OPG
Pickering Nuclear, OPG
Point Lepreau, New Brunswick Power
Quinshan Phase III Project, Zhejiang China
Wolsung Nuclear Power Plant, South Korea