Cambridge Materials Testing
Cadmium analysis

Cadmium is a silvery-white, lustrous, but tarnishable metal; it is soft and ductile and has a relatively high vapor pressure. Cadmium is nearly always divalent; chemically it closely resembles zinc and occurs by isomorphism replacement in almost all zinc ores.

With demand for less expensive goods and subsequent supply of products from abroad, the presence and threat of consumer goods containing cadmium is prevalent and a frequent focus of media attention, hence chemical analysis is critical. CMTL is accredited by Standards council of Canada (SCC) to ISO/IEC 17025 standard in the area of cadmium analysis for various consumer products as required by 16 CFR 1303. The scope of accreditation includes cadmium analysis of surface coatings and in children's jewelry, metal products as well, lead and cadmium analysis in metal substrates. We conduct this cadmium analysis using ASTM, CPSC and EPA sample preparation and analytical testing methodologies.