Cambridge Materials Testing
UV testing

CMTL offers UV testing and UV Testing services for a wide range of materials and products. When properly filtered, weatherometers can simulate indoor or outdoor exposure. The UV testing light source simulates UV and visible solar radiation better than any other artificial light source. There are various UV testing methods related to this equipment and their typical applications can be found in a variety of industries including: automotive, paints and coatings, plastics and polymers, paper, chemicals.

When completing UV testing, it is important to know which test method your material needs to be tested to and whether or not the material has to simulate indoor or outdoor conditions as this will determine which filter combination will be required. You then need to know at which irradiance level you want your samples to be exposed to as well as the "black panel" temperature and the relative humidity. Finally you will need to know if you want a rain cycle and/or a night cycle.