Coatings and Plating provide most materials with a desired outward appearance and protection from corrosion, ultraviolet light, water penetration, heat, abrasion, and chemicals. CMTL'S coatings and platings testing methods evaluates the properties and quality of various coatings. With new and improved materials being developed and introduced at an unprecedented pace, the need to efficiently and economically apply protective or decorative coatings is equally demanding. Selection of appropriate coating materials has become much more important as the refinishing of painted surfaces becomes more costly.

Evaluation and testing of raw materials and applied coatings can contribute greatly to reduction of these costs. At CMTL, we combine our years of hands on experience and analysis with the latest in technologies to complete the testing process.

- Automotive Coatings
- Aerospace Coatings
- Plastics/Polymers Coatings
- Rubber Coatings
- Consumer Products Coatings