The mechanical and physical testing labs at Cambridge Materials Testing perform a complete range of testing and evaluations of metals, alloys, plastics, rubbers, composites and other materials. CMTL performs tensile testing, charpy impact testing, cated computer controlled multi cycle tests.

Services include the testing required for certification to the regulatory and jurisdictional authorities for the following:
  • Weld Procedure Qualification per ASME , AWS, CSA, and ISO standards
  • CMTR data generation for material upgrading
  • Rebar Mechanical Connector testing per MTO regulations
  • Fastener Quality Inspection and Testing

Sample preparation
Our Specimen Preparation department is designed for flexibility, capacity and speed. CNC milling and turning centres work in concert to create an infinite range of sample geometries from a nearly infinite list of materials. With our modern equipment and skilled labour force, we produce everything from standard test specimens to complicated fixtures in order to meet our clients' needs.

Our specimen preparation services also include sample conditioning, environmental exposures, temperature cycling, and heat treatment in our atmospheric furnaces and chambers to customer prescribed cycles as the first step of the testing process. Temperature ranges available are -60°F to 1950° F

Stress-Strain Properties
Our computer controlled universal testing machines are programmed to evaluate the stress/strain properties of metal, rubber and plastic. Tension testing, compression testing and flexural modulus properties are evaluated in accordance with North American standards as well as specifications from other regions and jurisdictions

Drop Weight Testing
We now offer drop weight and drop weight tear testing to a full range of temperatures to a variety of specifications.

Custom compression and tension load testing is performed by our staff on prototypes, production pieces and competitor parts using custom designed fixtures and procedures for proof load and determination of ultimate failure loads/locations. The reports will include photographic documentation of the process, observations, data, and comments for design improvement, due diligence testing, and other safety related concerns.

Related testing services include:
Elevated temperature tensile and stress rupture testing at temperatures up to 1950°F, hydrogen embrittlement relief testing, shear testing, adhesive testing, and peel testing.

Impact testing
Charpy impact testing is important t predict the likelihood of brittle fracture at a specified temperature. CMTL performs Charpy impact, Izod impact, and vertical drop impact testing at various temperatures on metals, alloys, plastics, and composite materials.

Hardness Testing
Hardness is the resistance to permanent plastic deformation. CMTL performs testing on the Rockwell scales, Brinell scale, Vickers and Knoop, Durometer scale and for Jominy Hardenability on various materials.

Mar & Abrasion Testing
Commonly referred to as Taber abrasion, this is a process of scratching, scuffing, or wearing down a given finish ie; (anodized panels) or material in-order to determine the resistance of a finish or material to abrasion or marring.

Other examples of Physical Property Testing
Flammability of plastics to meet standards such as FMVSS302, Melt Flow, ESCR, fade, thermal stability, resistance to deformation, resistance to chemical attack and staining.