Child-resistant (CR) packaging, also referred to as "special packaging," is used to reduce the risk of poisoning in children via the ingestion of potentially hazardous items.

CMTL offers certification for child resistant packaging following the below international regulations for CR packaging used in Cosmetics, Drugs, Supplements, Personal Care Products, Household Chemicals, e-Cigarettes, Cannabis Products and more.

Cambridge Materials services are accredited through the Standards Council of Canada SCC  in accordance with ISO 17025 to perform the following certifications for child resistant packaging: CAN / CSA -Z76.1, ASTM F2517-17, ISO 8317, 16 CFR 1700. 20 and is further recognized by Health Canada and US Consumer Product safety Commission (CPSC).

Child-resistant packaging usually consists of a container and appropriate closure which is difficult for young children under the age of 52 months to open (or gain access to the contents), but which is not difficult for adults to use properly. A reclosable package is one that after it has been initially opened, is capable of being reclosed with a similar degree of security and is capable of being used a sufficient number of times to dispense the total contents without loss of security.

Designed to protect children from serious personal injury or serious illness resulting from handling, using, or ingesting harmful substances, law makers have determined that packaging designed and constructed to meet the above standards shall be regarded as Child resistant or ‘‘special packaging’’
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